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Can L-arginine Cause Cold Sores

Cold sores are painful blisters that usually occur on the lips, but can develop anywhere from the lips to the nostrils. The amino acid l-arginine is thought to be one factor in cold sore occurrence. HSV type 1 most often causes cold sores and type 2 most often causes genital herpes. The fluid inside the blister is of course highly contagious; not using clean tissue and hand hygiene prior to and after touching the cold sore can cause spreading the cold sore thus you may end up with the whole lip and other parts of your face covered with extra unwanted coldsore blisters. Are you worried about cold sores? Here are some natural ways to prevent an outbreak. Reduce arginine-containing foods such as nuts, oats, turkey, chocolate and wholewheat. The amino acid arginine promotes cold-sore outbreaks. Health Highlights. 10 Causes of tooth sensitivity.

Add Lysine (500 – 1000 mg) along with Arginine can help with cold sores cause by herpes infection. Large amounts of arginine in animals can both promote10 and interfere with cancer growth. HSV-1 is the herpes simplex virus known for causing cold sores and HSV-2 genital herpes. 1 Of course, cold sores and genital herpes can be annoying, but these herpes viruses also likely accelerate arteriosclerosis. L-Arginine can be specifically formulated and bioengineered to reduce the effects of herpes simplex as stimulated by lack of Lysine. Additionally, if sleep cycles and nutrient intake is not balanced, HSV will become prominent with manifestations such as cold sores and lethargy.

L Arginine Cold Sores

I have herpes simplex 1 (cold sores) and cannot eat any nuts except pecans and cannot have any chocolate. L-arginine cannot cause herpes, but it can promote a herpes outbreak if you already have herpes. HSV2 outbreaks also tend to last longer, can cause problems in vaginal births and harmful effects to the infant, both peripartum and postpartum. I used to get cold sores every time I ate peanut butter, since it’s high in L-arginine. This is the virus that causes most cold sores. What we can say for now is that those who get frequent cold sores might want to limit foods that contain arginine while they use lysine supplements.

L-arginine can enhance the effect of medications designed to lower blood pressure, causing blood pressure to drop lower than expected, leading to dizziness and fainting. Thanks to L-Arginine I was able to get off statins, which were causing me real problems. It was winter when I started taking l-arginine so I literally had 4 or 5 cold sores on my mouth back to back because of it. Don’t take L-arginine supplements if you’ve had cold sores or genital herpes. Too much L-arginine in your system can trigger the virus that causes those conditions. This is why limiting foods which are very high in Arginine can be helpful for those who are trying to reduce herpes breakouts. Lysine helps to stop the virus which causes herpes. You will also discover foods that cause cold sores. One necessary building block for herpes virus replication is arginine. I bought L-lysine capsules the other day at a health foods store and I’ve been taking 2-3 capsules a day, 1000 mg each (1 gram each). Type 1 herpes (cold sores) is thought to afflict a majority of the US population, genital herpes perhaps a quarter. (This is too bad, because L-arginine may also increase sexual arousal! ). Even on teh Thorne bottle at the bottom it says if yhou have any kind of herpes in remission or any cancer do not take the arginine becasue it will cause the herpes to come out and the cancer to grow. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) causes cold sores (fever blisters) on the lips and in the mouth, and genital herpes on the genitals, buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. The virus can enter the body through a break in the skin or through the soft tissue of the mouth, penis or vagina, urinary tract opening, cervix or anus. At the same time, you should cut back on foods containing L-arginine, another amino acid that may promote outbreaks.

What Are L-arginine Side Effects? (with Pictures)

Eating more lysine foods and less arginine foods can be quite effective. Double-blind studies on l-lysine for cold sores have produced mixed results. By supplementing l-lysine you can contain the herpes simplex virus, l-arginine promotes the HSV so you need to cut out all foods high in l-arginine. Hsv1 causes cold sores and very very rarely spread to the genitals. The virus passes down the nerve to the skin, where it causes lesions. However, both forms can cause eruptions around the mouth or on the genitals. With cold sores, you will actually want to avoid foods that contain l-arginine and eat more foods that contain l-lysine, coconut oil is probably good well as it has anti microbial properties. This is the non-sexual herpes virus that causes cold sores and fever blisters and apparently is extremely easy to contract via saliva which could happen by sharing a toothbrush, kissing someone etc. M. D: Herpes DNA uses the amino acid L-arginine to replicate itself and form a virus. When added to the herpes virus, the amino acid L-Arginine increases the growth of the virus. Since the virus can cause cold sores, canker sores, and genital sores, Lysine supplements increase the ratio of Lysine to Arginine in the body, curing the outbreak of the virus. Scientific studies have shown that L-arginine can be particularly effective when used in combination with two other natural agents: L-arginine and pycnogenol resulted in significant improvement in sexual function in men with ED, according to this 2003 study. Started getting cold sores which means my arginine level was high. But I believe the underlying cause was due to elevated familial LPa and a stress filled life. They compete with each other for absorption in the intestines, so the less arginine there is in the diet, the more lysine is absorbed. Reishi can delay blood clotting, so consult your doctor before taking reishi if you are taking aspirin, warfarin (coumadin) , or any other medications or supplements that interfere with clotting. L-lysine is an essential amino acid used by the body as a building block for many functions important to growth and maintenance of health. May be used to treat viral infections like herpes simplex, cold sores, shingles, human papilloma virus (HPV) infection such as genital warts, and genital herpes. L-lysine can interact with other substances when taken in large amounts, and can cause a deficiency in L-arginine, another important amino acid. It is estimated that upwards of 80 of Americans will experience the herpes virus in their lifetimes. This includes the cold sores and fever blisters of the mouth and face, genital herpes, chickenpox, shingles and the more rare occurrences of other herpes viruses. Also known as Herpes zoster or simply zoster, shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. On the other hand, foods high in L-arginine have been associated with an increase in outbreaks.


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