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Cold Sore Antiviral Cream

Acyclovir may be given for the first or later outbreak of cold sores. Topical prescription antivirals include Acyclovir cream, and Penciclovir cream. Penciclovir cream (Denavir) is an antiviral cream that may reduce healing time by 1 to 2 days, especially if the cold sore was triggered by sunlight exposure.

Cold sores are common and painful blisters around the lips and mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus. You can buy anti-viral cream such as aciclovir from the pharmacy, or your doctor may give you a prescription for cream or tablets. Type of medicine, Antiviral cream. Used for, Treatment of cold sores or genital herpes. Also called, Cymex Ultra; Virasorb; Zovirax. Acyclovir cream is used to treat cold sores (fever blisters; blisters that are caused by a virus called herpes simplex) on the face or lips. Acyclovir ointment is used to treat first outbreaks of genital herpes (a herpes virus infection that causes sores to form around the genitals and rectum from time to time) and to treat certain types of sores caused by the herpes simplex virus in people with weak immune systems.

Cold Sores

Topical antiviral agents are applied locally to treat viral infections. Topical agents are used to treat viral conditions such as cold sores (facial herpes simplex). Read more about the prescription drug ACYCLOVIR CREAM – TOPICAL. USES: This medication is used to treat cold sores/fever blisters (herpes labialis). I couldn’t believe how fast this cream works! When I started using Zovirax, it decreased the size of my cold sores dramatically and healed them within 4 days.

So if you are getting repeated cold sores, then you probably have herpes simplex type 1. Antiviral tablets are a more effective way of preventing cold sores than antiviral creams. Zovirax cold sore cream contains the active ingredient aciclovir, which is an antiviral medicine used to treat infections with the herpes virus. Zovirax Cold Sore Cream for the treatment of cold sores.

Cold Sores

Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you. This medicine is available without prescription to treat minor conditions. You can stop cold sores before they start. Zovirax Cold Sore Cream can help to prevent a cold sore appearing if used at the tingle stage (this is when you feel a tingling, burning or itching sensation). If you apply them at the first sight of infection when the area is tingling, antiviral ointments such as aciclovir (for example, Zovirax cold sore cream) can reduce duration of the sore from 7-10 days to 5-7 days. Zovirax is an antiviral for use on the skin. It is used to treat cold sores, a viral infection occurring on the lips. When treatment is started at the first sign (tingle) of a cold sore, it prevents the cold sore from appearing. Treating cold sores & fever blisters with prescription antiviral medications -. Zovirax cream received FDA approval for use in the treatment of cold sores in late 2002, although other formulations of this medication have been used in treating herpes for many years (including an off-label use in the treatment of cold sores in the years prior to 2002). Check out nyal anti viral cold sore cream 5g at woolworths. com. au. Order 24/7 at our online supermarket. Zovirax (Acyclovir 5 cream) is also FDA approved for the treatment of recurrent cold sores. In studies, frequent application of the cream reduced the time to healing by about half a day. The conventional medical treatments for cold sores are antiviral creams (some available only with a prescription) or antiviral medications taken orally. They are expensive but do work to shorten the duration and lessen the severity of cold sores if you take them at the very beginning of an outbreak. Current research on the whether antiviral creams and sunscreen can prevent cold sores is contradictory based on several trials, according to the Canadian Family Physician article.


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