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An Australian scientist who successfully invented the cervical cancer vaccine is working on new treatments for the herpes simplex virus. Australian healthcare group Admedus announced to the stock exchange on Thursday the results of the Phase 1 trial of Professor Frazer’s new vaccine to treat the herpes simplex virus HSV2. Professor Ian Frazer invented the cervical cancer vaccine and now he’s working on new treatments for cervical cancer and herpes simplex.

A biotechnology company in Australia is now recruiting participants to test a herpes vaccine aimed to both prevent and cure herpes simplex 2 infections. Admedus Limited’s HSV-2 Phase II trial has received ethics approval to commence immediately, with the company expecting to receive interim results for the study in 2015. The study will be undertaken in Brisbane, Australia. At present, there is no cure for herpes and the infection is life-long. Coridon’s Herpes therapeutic vaccine seeks to stimulate the body’s immune system to produce T-cells a type of antibody – targeting the virus. With a high infection rate and no current cure for HSV-2, proving the vaccines ability to both protect and treat the virus opens up a massive market that has not being previously tapped. Prof Ian Frazer, is in our view one of Australia’s greatest scientists.

Herpes Vaccine Enters Early-stage Clinical Trial In Australia; Scientists Hope For HSV-2 Cure

After decades of stagnancy in the herpes therapeutics space, a real neck-and-neck race is emerging among three biotechs in the immunotherapy space: Genocea and Agenus, both based in Massachusetts, San Diego’s Vicalare speeding ahead in developing a herpes vaccine. On top of that, Australian biotech Admedus just announced positive early clinical results for its own genital herpes vaccine. Medication management startup PillPack raises 50M to open retail pharmacies. It’s yet another breakthrough for Australian scientist Ian Frazer. Successfully inventing the cervical cancer vaccine, Frazer is currently working on new treatments for the herpes simplex virus.

Adrian Cuthbertson from Marine Biotechnologies Australia, which is working with University of Sydney staff and other researchers, said the potential of the abalone blood in developing a better treatment was a chance discovery. Most herpes medication works to manage the symptoms, but the anti-viral properties found in abalone act as a preventative measure. In Australia the change that we have seen is that we are seeing more genital infection due to HSV1 mostly in young adults, Dr Jones said. Dr Jones says researchers have been trying to find a cure for the past three decades. There could soon be a vaccine for genital herpes, the sexually transmitted infection that affects up to one in eight Australians. IAN Frazer’s genital herpes vaccine has passed its first big test in human trials, with researchers showing the product is safe and appears to produce an immune response. Professor Frazer, a former Australian of the Year, developed the experimental vaccine with his team at Coridon, a biotechnology company he founded in 2000. I wonder if he will be the one to create a vaccine and cure HIV? An estimated 500 million people have HSV-2 infections. While many never experience an outbreak of the genital sores, they may still be infectious. Australasian Science: Australia’s authority on science since 1938.

Tasmanian Abalone Contain Protein Being Developed For New Herpes Treatment

Due to the genetic similarity of both herpes simplex virus types (HSV-1 and HSV-2) , the development of a prophylactic-therapeutic vaccine which is proven effective against one type of the virus would provide fundamentals for vaccine-development for the other virus type. As of 2014, several vaccine candidates are in different stages of development as they are being tested for safety and efficacy, including at least four vaccine candidates in the US and one in Australia. William Halford at the Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine. HSV-2 genital herpes affects up to one in eight Australians, and there is currently no curative treatment, Professor Frazer said. Study could explain why ovarian cancer treatments fail 28 May 2015. One in eight sexually active Australians has herpes down under. The FaST study will compare two ways of treating genital herpes using the same medicine, which is currently available in Australia. Goods Administration of Australia or the US Food and Drug Administration. I am now taking medicine daily and condoms will be used at all time and not sex during outbreaks but I am having a problem with the viral shedding part. This vaccine has something quite different driving it, said Professor Frazer, a former Australian of the Year. There is currently no cure for genital herpes, but it can be effectively treated and managed. Proudly sponsored by: Aspen Australia is a group of companies including Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Limited. The herpes simplex virus has no cure or vaccine and it continues to spread globally. For over 30 years, scientists and researchers have been trying to develop a vaccine to cure the herpes virus, to no avail. It does not cure genital herpes or completely eliminate the risk of transmission. Therefore, in addition to therapy with Valtrex, it is recommended that patients avoid contact when symptoms are present and always use condoms. CMI provided by MIMS Australia, December 2014. Find out what treatments are available in Australia to help control outbreaks of genital herpes. This study represents a major a step forward in herpes research, said Dr. The study, published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine, enrolled 156 patients who received either a placebo or four different dosage regimens of pritelivir for 28 days. But with groundbreaking new treatments becoming available, we anticipate that over the next few years at least 9 out of 10 people could be cured of hepatitis C by taking a short course of tablets with very few side-effects.


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