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This doesn’t answer your question but my guess is that herpes does not affect your cycle at all but you should always tell your RE about it. It may affect your retrieval and transfer if you have an outbreak and probably just in the sense that they need to be aware of it. I am in the middle of another IVF cycle and have an outbreak. I am clearly aware of Valtrex and the possibility of transfer of herpes during the birthing process. After all, Eskimos often stopped ovulating and menstruating during long dark winters, young women confronted by a major emotional trauma such as a broken love affair can develop irregular ovulation, menstruation and even amenorrhea, and chickens kept exposed to constant light will ovulate more frequently and yield more eggs.

Soon after my last ivf, I had a herpes outbreak. They are no longer active because they didn’t show any differences in miscarriages or birth defects when taken during the first trimester of pregnancy compared to those who took nothing at all. And IVF I have genital herpes and have not had an outbreak. No, herpes doesn’t impede conception but it makes it more difficult in one respect: the fact that during an outbreak partners are encouraged to steer clear of close intimate contact, which could limit your availability during the most crucial baby-making time of the month.

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I have a friend with herpes and it has nothing to do with you not getting pregnant. The only concern drs have when it comes to herpes if you have an outbreak before delivery, they will probably do a c-section. I am not having an outbreak right now and neither is he. No, HSV will not prevent you from having a successful IVF cycle. My old RE doesn’t have any idea about whether or not I had hsv during our last attempt at conceiving and wouldn’t bat an eyelash if I went in there today and told her I do. Genital herpes is a common disease caused by a virus. The virus is called the herpes simplex virus type 2. The symptoms of herpes are usually most severe during the first outbreak. Some people infected with herpes have no symptoms.

Told that having herpes 2 outbreak during treatment could result in cancellation of IVF cycle, why? What are the implications? Does having an outbreak of herpes simplex 2 affect any aspects of IVF treatment? A quick google search of the keywords herpes IVF brought up this info on the website of Georgia Reproductive Specialists at. The difference between getting pregnant during an outbreak normally is that the eggs go directly from the fallopian tubes to the uterus, whereas with IVF, a catheter passes through your vagina and cervix into your uterus, thus potentially bringing virus into more interior areas of the anatomy. My outbreaks are very mild and I usually get them 3 – 4 times a year. What risks does herpes pose during pregnancy? I’m trying to get some information on the management of genital herpes during IVF. I used to have regular (monthly) severe outbreaks which have totally abated with the use of prophylactic Aciclovir (400mg). I searched for IVF and herpes, and came up with these links: They have only had 2 or 3 outbreaks during this time and it is when they missed taking it. Q: Can we have intercourse during the two-week period before an IVF procedure is performed? A: Yes. Tell your infertility physician if you have ever had genital herpes, or suspect you may have been exposed to genital herpes in the past.

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I did IVF over the summer and am now 7 1/2 weeks pregnant! Yay! Could having had an outbreak during an embryo transfer be dangerous or harmful to the embryo? Second, I had spoken to an ob-gyn last year about taking suppressive therapy throughout pregnancy. Avoid changes in diet or weight loss during IVF cycle. If you have a history of genital herpes infection, you must report any pre-herpes symptoms, active lesions or healing herpes lesions. A problem with a herpes outbreak in the early pregnancy would be only if this were her first outbreak. First herpes outbreaks during early pregnancy could lead to miscarriage but I suppose you have already had outbreaks, right? Another dangerous situation would be if the mother experiences the first outbreak in the last trimester when there is a lot of virus present and the mother is unable to create enough anti-bodies to protect the baby. Went to the Dr again yesterday and he thinks its herpes, still waiting on test results but he has started me on Famciclovir Sandoz. As far as I’m aware, a Herpes outbreak in pregnancy is only really a major concern when you’re in your third trimester and of course when you’re about to deliver, which in that case they would do a csection (if you had an active outbreak). General Chat POAS – The Post Your Photo thread 3 IVF. Ladies I suffer from recurrent herpes usually mild monthly attacks on lower back.


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