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Patients are prone to cutaneous infections, especially with herpes simplex virus. Dyskeratosis Follicularis, Darier’s Disease. Follicularis. localisation: buttocks diagnosis: Dyskeratosis Follicularis.

Herpes Simplex. localisation: upper eyelid diagnosis: Herpes Simplex.


Patients are prone to cutaneous infections, especially with herpes simplex virus. The histology is characteristic, known as focal acantholytic dyskeratosis associated with varying degrees of papillomatosis (skin thickening). Widespread infection of the skin with the herpes simplex (coldsore) virus is a well recognised complication called eczema herpeticum. Treatment of Darier disease is required only if there are troublesome symptoms.

Patients have an increased susceptibility to herpes simplex and pyogenic infections. The herpes simplex virus may be prone to infecting the lesions and causes pain. For this reason, keratosis follicularis is sometimes referred to as a disorder of abnormal keratinization or dyskeratosis. The treatment of keratosis follicularis is directed toward the specific symptoms that are apparent in each individual. Treatment & Management: Keratosis Follicularis (Darier Disease). Oral acyclovir may be used to treat or suppress herpes simplex virus infection. Keratosis follicularis, also known as Darier disease (DD) or Darier-White disease, is an autosomal dominantly inherited genodermatosis characterized by greasy hyperkeratotic papules in seborrheic regions, nail abnormalities, and mucous membrane changes. See the images below. Eczema herpeticum is the dissemination of herpes simplex virus in the setting of a preexisting skin disease. There have been reports of eczema herpeticum occurring in atopic dermatitis, dyskeratosis follicularis, Darier’s disease1, 2, pemphigus foliaceus3, mycosis fungoides, ichthyosis vulgaris, Hailey-Hailey disease4-7, Szary syndrome8 and in patients with burns9. The initial treatment is generally with high-dose intravenous acyclovir, which is the most widely studied and used drug for treating eczema herpeticum11.

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Superinfection of the skin lesions of Darier’s may result in clinical flares; Treatment should be adjusted accordingly and vigilant monitoring for superinfection is critical. Superinfection by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria, or by herpes virus, can result in widespread flaring of the disease. Dyskeratosis follicularis disease: case reports and review of the literature, JEADV, 19: 114-117. His condition improved dramatically after 14 days of treatment. Dyskeratosis follicularis (Darier’s disease) is a genetic disorder characterized by the loss of adhesion between epidermal cells (acantholysis) and by abnormal keratinization. A case complicated by herpes simplex virus has also been reported. Widespread infection of the skin with the herpes simplex (coldsore) virus is a well recognised complication called eczema herpeticum. Pharmaceutical Agent for Treatment of Inflammatory and Hereditary Keratoderma including Darier’s Disease and Psoriasis. Pecina-Slaus N. Sepsis as an unusual event in dyskeratosis follicularis. The rashes or lesions of Darier Disease or Keratosis Follicularis worsen upon exposure to sun and sometimes by corticosteroid use. Antiviral medications are prescribed if the patient has herpes simplex. The lesions develop in childhood or early adolescence, and the peak age of onset is around the time of puberty. Less frequently, Darier disease may be complicated by widespread herpes simplex virus infection, as occurs in children with atopic dermatitis. On routinely stained histologic specimens of Darier disease, the dominant finding is focal acantholytic dyskeratosis, a term that implies the presence of both acantholysis (lack of cellular cohesion) and dyskeratosis (apoptosis or individual cell death). Topical retinoids are the mainstay of treatment in mild cases, and antiseptic washes will minimize bacterial colonization and resultant odors. Maar folliculitis gaat niet altijd met pus Keratosis follicularis of de ziekte van Darier, ook wel dyskeratosis follicularis is een zeldzame, genetisch bepaalde, autosomaal dominant erfelijke aandoening van Genital Warts and HPV Frequently Asked Questions. Herpes simplex (acute herpetic gingivostomatitis; herpes labialis; fever blisters; cold sores).


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