Herpes Cure And Treatment

How To Use Mms To Cure Herpes

Promoters of M. M. S. claim that it cures AIDS, herpes, cancer, malaria, TB, and many more diseases, which are unnamed. Amazing as it might seem, when used correctly, the immune system can use this killer to only attack those germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, and other microorganisms that are harmful to the body. I doubt it works but what I have heard is when you are done, you are 100 cured of herpes so when you are done definitely get tested again and let us know if it cured you! I think it’s snake oil myself but truth will be when you are done with the regiment right? : ). All I can say about MMS and herpes is that I stopped an outbreak using MMS. That is what I say in the vid as well. If it is gone forever I can’t say. We’ll se. Be well!

MMS Cured My Genital Herpes. Bottom line is I am cured, my wife still continues to get outbreaks and we are beginning another month and a half long treatment. Our most recent member cured Herpes HSV-2 in 3 weeks! MMS is a virus, bacteria, and pathogen killer when mixed with citric acid turns into chlorine dioxide which increases the oxygen content of the cells. If you raise cellular pH to above pH 7. 5 the herpes virus cannot replicate, cannot activate within the cell.

Miracle Mineral Solution (mms)

There are reports of cure of herpes, with follow up negative tests times 3. He permitted free download of his book on how to use MMS. How to make mms cost only 20 and he tells how to make large amounts for commercial distribution. A cure for Herpes Simplex. Popping the blisters to get the puss out helped a little bit, but they kept on multiplying. Then I remembered the MMS bottle I once bought. I have found MMS to be the cure for chanker sores, which I suspect are viral in nature also. I want to take the MMS longer to see once and for all whether it will help COPD.

Through the course of my MMS treatment, there have been three occasions when stomach cramps and diarrhea were so severe that I took some vitamin C and drank a lot of water to stop it. To get rid of Herpes using MMS it is CRITICAL that you follow the appropriate protocol religiously! This protocol is The 1000+ Protocol. MMS Day by Day account. COMMENTS: MMS 2 is easy to take. Its now 19 aug 2010 and wondering how your MMS treatment went along. It turns out that MMS, instead of curing cancer, causes cancer! When I see products heavily advertised using terms like miracle, I always look at their profit margin. Diabetes, Influenza, Crohn’s disease, Herpes, Arteriosclerosis, Tuberculosis, CFS, Hepatitis A, B and C, Cancer and of course AIDS. HERPES CURE PROTOCOL VITAMIN LIST IMPORTANT. READ EVERYTHING! DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE! This is aggressive oxygen therapy and you must follow directions exactly. Let me now give you my take on the Herpes Cure Report and after that, tell you a little about the man behind the TV commercial. I just researched MMS online and found that the FDA warns against its use because when taken as directed basically turns into bleach in the body.

How Long Should I Take Mms To Eradicate Herpes?

Learn about genital herpes causes (HSV-1, HSV-2) , symptoms, signs, information and treatment. Get the facts about this common STD caused by the herpes Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1, Type 2 – Genital Herpes – Symptoms Planned Parenthood has been providing trusted health care for nearly 100 years. General Feedback, HCG Diet and Herpes for MMS remedies. Hi does anyone have any idea how using MMS would react or not with the HCG diet which I will be starting shortly? Does anyone have any experience with that. Nobody can claim that there is a cure for Herpes, but I believe the cure for herpes is right in front of us. So I would say, yeah, if you have no choice, by all means use MMS, but if you do have a choice. This product claims to be a cure all. even aids, herpes, hepetitus, and was used extensively to cure maliria in africa. The truth is that MMS is a dangerous poison, and as such it has no business whatsoever in the alternative health arena. B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worst diseases. Segura, who is a heart surgeon with extensive experience and interest in alternative health, research, psychology and the human condition, would agree with this diagnosis, stated, The popularity of MMS and its fervent, almost religious marketing involved the claim of curing malaria in tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. I followed the book and did not tell him I use MMS. MMS, it turns out, stands for Miracle Mineral Solution. Go to the MMS website, and you’ll find that, The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worst diseases has been found. Many people who use those treatments have attacked right back. MMS is falsely promoted as a cure for HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, autism, acne, cancer, and much more. When citric acid or other food acid is used to activate MMS as described in its instructions. He mixed it with 5 drops of citric acid to activate the solution. Suppress Herpes: there have been false claims to curing Herpes. I believe all it does is suppress the Herpes, (same as HIV) and while it is in a dormant stage in your body, it will stop breakouts, and prevent spreading.


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