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Over The Counter Meds For Cold Sores

Abreva is an over-the-counter topical remedy used to help speed healing and minimize pain from a cold sore. It must be used many times a day to speed the healing. Medications for the treatment of cold sores do not cure or rid the body of the virus. It is similar in its action to the prescription antiviral cream, but it is sold over-the-counter.

Most non-prescription treatments only treat the pain, and provide temporary relief. Abreva cream is the only FDA-approved, non-prescription cold sore medicine that shortens the duration of pain and itch. There are several medications to reduce the duration or symptoms of cold sores. Some are available without a prescription (over the counter) , and others require a prescription from a doctor. OTC Cold Sore Medication at Walgreens. View current promotions and reviews of OTC Cold Sore Medication and get free shipping at 25.

Cold Sore Myths & Facts

Cold sores are contagious and spread by touch. An over-the-counter medicine called docosanol (brand name Abreva) may help cold sores heal faster and reduce symptoms. Abreva: You’ve probably seen a commercial for this over-the-counter medication at least once in your lifetime. Another alternative treatment for cold sores is to apply a cold compress (or tea bags) directly to the area for 20 minutes. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help inflammation.

Com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24, 000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Reviews and ratings for valtrex when used in the treatment of cold sores. I’ve had cold sores since i was a kid and none of the over the counter stuff ever worked for me. For Cold Sores: Usually cold sore lasts well over a week for me, getting quite large and unsightly. I’m usually not impressed by medications but this particular medicine works a treat for cold sores and it’s available over the counter. Suffer a cold sore outbreak, and you’re not only avoiding mirrors (and maybe people) , but you’re likely dealing with pain and itchiness, too. While Otley says oral antivirals are the most effective way to treat cold sores, there are also plenty of over-the-counter topical creams that work to ease symptoms. A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious (like strep throat).

Cold Sores (herpes Simplex Labialis) Medication

Q: What is the best OTC treatment for cold sores on the lips? The three main reasons to call me in the middle of the night? 1. A heart attack, 2. a stroke, and 3. If you have a cough that is causing your sore throat, an OTC cough syrup may help diminish the cough. Zinc lozenges have been found to decrease the duration of symptoms in patients with colds. This page discusses non-prescription treatments and medications for cold sores (fever blisters) , like those you’ll find on the shelves of your neighborhood store. Unsure of how to choose the best over-the-counter drugs to treat your aches? Read our guide to flu and cold medication. Cold Medication by Symptom: Fever, Sore Throat, and Aches and Pains. Over-the-counter treatments for cold sores will not treat genital herpes, so smearing your genitals with Zovirax is an ineffective alternative to visiting your local GP or GUM. Wondering how to treat a cold or flu while you’re pregnant? You may have taken an over-the-counter decongestant in the past, but now you might wonder: Is it safe? You may worry about the flu virus affecting your baby. Adding some honey or lemon to a warm cup of decaffeinated tea can help relieve a sore throat, and elevating your head may help you to get some rest. There are a variety of treatments for cold sores. Over-the-counter creams are available, and some prescription drugs used to treat cold sores include herpes virus nucleoside analogues (Valtrex, Denavir, Famvir) and herpes virus nucleoside analogue corticosteroid combinations (Xerese). I was searching for a forum that talks about cold sores and found this one. I have not had one since I first used this amazing product VIRASOOTHE – and given that I got them on average once a month for over 30 years, I have every reason to be impressed. Cure? The over the counter topical agents docosanol (Abreva) and allantoin (Herpecin-L) , as well as camphor and phenol combinations (Campho-Phenique) , help relieve pain and might promote healing of cold sores. If you have questions about an over-the-counter FSA claim, ask your employer for our toll-free customer service number. Over-the-Counter Eligible Expenses without a Prescription Bandages Eye Care (contact lens solution, patches) Family planning (condoms, pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction kits, etc. Cold Sore Remedies. They are not to be thought of as cold sores as those are always on the outside of the mouth on the lip area, never inside. A sufferer has the option of doing nothing and tolerating the pain, or using any number of over the counter remedies to alleviate the pain.


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