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explains the drugs used to ease symptoms of genital herpes and perhaps prevent outbreaks. Treatment with antiviral drugs can help people who are bothered by genital herpes outbreaks stay symptom-free longer. What Guys Wish You Knew. A number of alternative (also called complementary) therapies can help you deal with outbreaks of genital herpes. And what about my sex life and herpes infection? A number of alternative (also called complementary) therapies can help you deal with outbreaks of genital herpes.

Managing your outbreaks with proper treatment will help you: Heal sores sooner and more effectively. Antiviral drugs lessen the number of herpes outbreaks by reducing what’s called viral shedding, or the process by which the virus makes new copies of itself on the skin’s surface. What’s more, saliva also carries the virus source: NLM. There are a few home remedies that can help you through an episode, however. You are likely worried after finding out that you have genital herpes. But know that you are not alone. Allow him or her to decide what to do. If you both agree to have sex, use latex or polyurethane condoms.

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Our article looks at the causes, symptoms and treatments for herpes. What is Herpes? There are two types of herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Although there are antiviral medications to help reduce the viral burden, it does not cure the infection.

Although there is not yet a cure for herpes, appropriate treatment is effective in helping to control the disease. (NaturalNews) Genital herpes is a chronic and contagious viral infection but there are several home remedies you can use to help relieve the pain, itching and discomfort of a herpes outbreak. Although herpes simplex cannot be truly cured, there are a number of drugs which can be taken to help diminish shedding of the viral cells, to protect against being infected, and to reduce or eliminate the worst of the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. Seek medical help right away if you think you may have genital herpes or another STI.

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What are the symptoms of genital herpes? Information will help you to manage your disease and feel better about yourself. What are the symptoms of herpes? What about other approaches? Although there is no cure for herpes, certain medications can help prevent or shorten outbreaks. Beta-carotene, vitamin C and zinc may help. Specifically, vitamin E may have a role in helping to alleviate the pain associated with herpes outbreaks and also help to reduce the frequency of recurrences. Symptoms, risks, treatments and other information on Genital Herpes. Help prevent the spread of herpes by avoiding sexual activity when you are experiencing any symptoms, including tingling, itching or tenderness at the site of infection. What Are Your Chances Of Getting Herpes If You Have Sex With Someone That Has It? Antiviral creams can help manage genital herpes outbreaks. What are symptoms of the herpes virus? Planned Parenthood answers your questions about what testing and treatment options are available for this STD. When a researcher treated patients with Acyclovir for one herpes outbreak and honey for another, overall healing time with honey was 43 percent better than with Acyclovir for sores on the lips and 59 percent better for genital sores. During an outbreak, a dermatologist often can diagnose herpes simplex by looking at the sores. They also can help prevent infected people from spreading the virus. Our care advisors are ready to help you find the answers you’re looking for. What are the best treatments for herpes labialis?


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