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What Can I Do For A Cold Sore

There is no true cure for the virus, or the cold sores. The bright side is that there are preventative measures you can take that lessen outbreaks, severity, and duration.

This page is about facial sores – which can also be called fever blisters, facial herpes or herpes labialis. Can I take anything to stop getting frequent cold sores? You’re ready to take on a cold sore. So now it’s time to identify what may cause your cold sore outbreaks, so you’ll have one more weapon in your arsenal. In today’s hectic world, feeling beat can give cold sores the advantage. So relax. Exercise. Learn the cold sore facts so you can face every cold sore with confidence from the first tingle until it’s bye-bye blister. Remember to take extra precautions to protect others from encountering the virus.

Cold Sores

Do I have a cold sore? What treatment approach do you recommend, if any? What self-care steps can I follow to ease my symptoms? Am I contagious? For how long? How do I reduce the risk of spreading this condition to others? How soon do you expect my symptoms will improve? Am I at risk of complications from this condition? Can I do anything to help prevent a recurrence? Cold sores (also known as fever blisters) are pretty common and lots of people get them. So what causes them and what can you do? Cold sores can appear one at a time or in little bunches. Eating well, getting enough rest, and learning how to deal with stress are important things for any kid to do, especially a kid who is likely to get cold sores.

Most people are infected in childhood but do not experience any symptoms. People with cold sores can transmit the virus through saliva or by contact with the sores. Before you can actually see a cold sore, you will probably be able to feel a slight tingling or burning somewhere around your mouth where the cold sore will erupt. The earlier you can detect an outbreak, the quicker you can take action to hasten your recovery. What can I do to prevent getting a cold sore? Your body knows how to heal a cold sore and will do so without any additional help or expensive cold sore treatment. Provided you do not get a secondary bacterial infection, the duration of your cold sore could be three to four weeks. Antiviral medications can help cold sores heal more quickly and may reduce how often they return. Mayo Clinic does not endorse non-Mayo products and services. The sores may take as long as three weeks to heal up. After the primary infection, gingivostomatitis does not recur; just normal cold sore outbreaks may recur.

Cold Sores

Left alone, a cold sore will normally last 10 to 14 days, says Dr. Kakita. Aside from taking the prescription drug acyclovir (Zovirax) , here’s what else you can do to minimize the discomfort on your own or shorten the duration of an attack: But not everyone who has been infected will develop cold sores. Genetics may play a role in determining who does or doesn’t get cold sores; a study in 2008 identified six genes that may increase a person’s risk of getting cold sores. Cold sores are fluid-filled blisters that typically appear near the mouth. Sores can be painful and remain highly contagious until they crust over. Complications are rare, but do occur, especially in young children. Any of the following requires medical attention: high or persistent fever. It may result in small blisters in groups often called cold sores or fever blisters or may just cause a sore throat. When one partner has a herpes simplex infection and the other does not, the use of antiviral medication, such as valaciclovir, in conjunction with a condom, further decreases the chances of transmission to the uninfected partner. Cold sores usually clear up within a week or so. There are steps that you can take to help relieve any pain or discomfort from cold sores and prevent them spreading. If your child has a cold sore: Wash his hands regularly. Exposure to sunlight can trigger an outbreak once a child has the virus. Learn about the cold sore virus and how they cause cold sores on the lip. They are expensive but do work to shorten the duration and lessen the severity of cold sores if you take them at the very beginning of an outbreak. They will also reduce frequency of herpes episodes if you use them daily at a low dose. You can catch the virus if you come into direct contact with the cold sore blisters or the fluid inside them, which contains a high number of the viruses. This can easily happen through touching the hands of someone who has touched their blisters. I guess it can be cultured, but I don’t think anybody does that. There’s very few things that it can be confused with. Touching cold sores can also cause a rare infection, known as herpetic whitlow, which causes a person’s finger or hand to have redness, swelling and blisters that ooze clear or yellowish fluid, Mensch said. When I was young, I suffered cold sores every few weeks. Sometimes I get the familiar tingle but the sore does not erupt with or without Zovirax.


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